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Thread: Attention! Generals on deck!

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    Attention! Generals on deck!

    Hi Commanders,

    War Heroes are pretty powerful right? Unless you have a really pimped out officer you are pretty much fighting a losing battle. Not to mention... they are hard to get hold of in the first place. "Ok GM, we get it, Heroes are pretty rare what's your point?".

    Well commanders, after much work we bring you the new Generals System! This will allow everyone to get an officer who can stand up against a hero! Sounds interesting right, well keep reading!

    Where are they?
    Clcik the new button underneath your Player portrait.

    Generals Screen
    This will bring up the Generals Screen (pictured below). Now you get to choose a General to take on, they take up one space in your Staff headquarters like any other officer.

    1. You can own upto 5 Generals at one time.

    2. Only 3 Generals are displayed at a time. The green arrow shows which one is selected.

    3. The selected Generals initial attributes are show here.

    Use 'Refresh' to change which Generals are available, you will need to use a 'Roll Call' item.

    Press the purple button to use an 'Enlistment Order' and recruit the currently selected General.
    It's just another officer, what's so special... wait are those....

    Yeah that's right, one of the first differences you will notice is your General has 2 extra item slots for WW2 Hero Medals & Manuals.

    Use the Change button (and use a 'Generals Resume') to change the General's attributes around depending on what kinda officer you need. (Changes both initial and Potential points already applied).

    How do I star up my General?
    Generals are Promoted with Commendation letters...

    At level 100, the Promote button will flash. From 0 Stars to 1 Star requires 1 Commendation letter, Star 1 - 2 requires 2 Commendation letters and so forth. Any equipment on the General will be unequipped and returned to your inventory.

    4. The Officer screen, you know this, all the same stuff.

    5. The equipment screen, again, same as usual but with the cool General image instead and the 2 extra equipment slots.

    Note: Retrain Potential now requires 'Training Plans'

    So what happens now?
    Each Promotion adds another 6 Potential points but returns the General back to their initial attributes.
    The General will retain any skills they had. Over time, your General will become very powerful with the correct setup and you'll be able to face down a WW2 Hero.

    A General's Loyalty does not decrease! If they lose a battle, they suck it up and deal with it.
    However, if a General is in a city when its captured, he may be executed for his deeds against your enemies, just make sure you secure his release by negotiating with Diamonds!

    You can of course further pimp out your General by giving him some fancy gear and skills.

    We hope you all like the new Generals and of course hope you all take advantage of this great new feature.

    All the best,
    The WAR2 Glory Team
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