Hello Commanders,

You will now be able to request Support about Gameplay questions directly from our in-game helper account.

If you have a query about WAR2 Glory, please mail Game Help

Game Helpers will respond to your query to the best of their extensive knowledge and if they can't help you, they will get in touch with Bones or I to resolve the issue.
Game Help will not be able to answer every query because they do not have the same level of authority as GM's.

The addition of Game Help will hopefully increase the amount of Support coverage around the clock, especially in our 'dark-times' i.e. when we are out-of-office.

Game Help can Mute too but they are bound by the same rules (warnings and screenshots).

So Thanks alot Game Helpers, for helping us out! They will also be helping run events and Quizzes once they are fully up & running!

How can you help get your issue responded as quickly as possible?

In your initial mail, give as much info as possible, as clearly as possible, such as:

- Relevant City Name & Coordinates
- Officer Name
- Destination / Target Coordinates, City Name & Game Name
- Any Report URL's (get by clicking 'Copy Link' when viewing the report, and paste into the mail)
- The server time the issue happened (taken from the Server CLock)